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"Kinds — in Philosophy and Its History", Lake Geneva Graduate Conference (LG2C) 2019


31 octobre 2019


M. Paolo Natali, UNIGE, Mme Maria Fiorella Privitera, UNIGE M. Enrico Donato, UNIGE Dr Alain Pe-Curto, UNIGE


PROF. Paolo Crivelli (Université de Genève)

PROF. Nick Zangwill (University of Hull)

M. Benjamin Wilck (Humboldt Universität Berlin)

M. Giulio Sciacca (FINO NW Italian Philosophy Consortium)

M. Roberto Granieri (University of Toronto/ENS Paris)

M. Athamos Stradis (King’s College London)

M. Heejin Kwon (University College London)



The Lake Geneva Graduate Conference is an annual event organized by the graduate students of the Universities of Geneva, Fribourg, Neuchâtel, and Lausanne (Switzerland), sponsored mainly by the CUSO. This year, funding is also contributed by the Swiss-based international journal dialectica.

This year we shall discuss the omnipresent topic of kinds.

Our keynote speakers will be: 

Paolo Crivelli (University of Geneva)

Nick Zangwill (University of Hull)


For more details about the Program, Registration and Reimbursements, visit our webpage: or write to us (





Morning (Keynote Addresses)

8.45-9.00 Arrival at Auditoire RDC Battelle (Bâtiment A), Route de Drize 7, 1227 Carouge (Geneva)

9.00-10.30 Paolo Crivelli (University of Geneva)

"Negative Kinds in Plato's Statesman"

+ Discussion


10.30-10.45 Pause (15 min)


10.45-12.15 Nick Zangwill (University of Hull)

"Carnap, Ontology, and Categories: Burial and Praise"

+ Comments by François Pellet (Münster/Geneva)

+ Discussion


12.30-14.00 Lunch


Afternoon (Graduate Talks)

14.00-14:50 Benjamin Wilck (Humboldt University Berlin)

"Euclid's Kinds and (Their) Attributes: Metaphysical Background Assumptions in Ancient Greek Mathematics"

+ Comments by Maria Fiorella Privitera (Geneva)

+ Discussion


14:50-15:40 Giulio Sciacca (FINO NW Italian Philosophy Consortium)

"That's why the debate on the metaphysics of species should not be deflated"

+ Discussion


15.40-16.00 Pause (20 min)


16:00-16:50 Roberto Granieri (University of Toronto/ÉNS Paris)

"Kinds as Principles"

+ Discussion


16:50-17:40 Athamos Stradis (King's College London)

"No Minds, No Special Science Kinds"

+ Discussion


17:40-18:00 Pause (20 min)


18:00-18:50 Heejin Kwon (University College London)

"Natural Kind Substances, Natural Properties, and Modal Knowledge"

+ Discussion


19:00 Attribution of the LG2C 2019 dialectica prize

+ Apéro






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